Store 0422/5 Hendon

Another long lost Woolworths, this store was located at 43/45 Watford Way. This is close to Hendon Central station on the Northern Line.

In common with it’s sister store at West Hendon, this was one of the 1970 wave of closures reluctantly bought about to finance the huge investments required for Self Service and Decimalisation.

I don’t have a great deal about the history of the store – it would have opened in approx 1930-1931. If anyone has a photo or can fill in some post Woolworths history to date I’d love to hear from you! Unlike West Hendon, this is actually now a Way 2 Save International Supermarket this did actually open!

Site of former store 0422 Hendon Site of former store 0422 Hendon Site of former store 0422 Hendon



  1. I lived in Hendon as a child and remember the store. It still had the original wooden counters and creaking floorboards around the last 1960s/early 1970s – I can’t recall exactly when it closed but the site became one of the first branches of Argos in around 1974 (I think) and remained so for some decades afterwards.

  2. Paul Scott · · Reply

    I was the last Manager of this store and closed it in the spring of 1972.Then moved to Lordship Lane on the out skirts of Peckham and closed that one. Onto Wandsworth High Street and closed that one too when the new Woolies was built in the Arndale Centre. This store opened on the 4th. October 1930, the Landlords were The Church Commissioners for England and the Lease was due to expire in 1972. It had a frontage of just over 44 feet and a depth of almost 99 feet.

    1. Hi Paul,
      I’d love to talk to you more about this store.. Would you mind if I emailed you?

      Kind regards


  3. Paul Scott · · Reply

    Please do Stuart. Although I had 25 years with Woolworth, I left in 1988 so some bits are becoming hazy.
    Regards, Paul.

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