Store 0430/9 West Hendon

This store has the unfortunate history of being amongst the very earliest Woolworths store closures in the UK. It was located at 256/258 West Hendon Broadway. It was closed in 1970 as part of the first wave of closures reluctantly sanctioned by management to fund the costs of decimalisation and the conversion to self service.

The site location lay vacant for many years before being converted into a public house. It was finally run by Wetherspoons until its closure in the late 1990’s. After closure an International Supermarket sign was erected (which remains to this day) but work abruptly stopped and the site has lain vacant for almost 15 years. The site was less than a ten minute walk down the Edgware Road to store 0750/9 located in Hendon, The Hyde. I expect most of West Hendon’s business was transferred to this location until this store itself P1010366 P1010368 P1010370closed in January 1989.


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  1. […] the long-gone Woolworths stores in Harrow Station Road and Sudbury Hill, another intriguing post on Stuart Kew’s new Forgotten London Woolworths blog tells the story of store #430 at 256-258 West Hendon Broadway – one I’ve yet to visit, […]

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