Another Woolworths 1984 store closure was store 0459/7 Golders Green which had opened in approximately 1931. It was located at 152/154 Golders Green Road and is now a book exchange and a fitness centre. It’s noticeable as a former employee that the store performance was likely to have been relatively poor due to it’s high […]

Located at 92/94 Uxbridge Road, store number 0183/7 Shepherd’s Bush was closed in 1984. Taken on a cold day in March 2013 (29 years after closure) the store is now a Superdrug unit.

This is an intriguing one…. Store 0423/0 (which I believe was a 1974 closure?) was located at 207/211 Church Street Willesden. Visiting this location recently I found the location demolished. It’s all the more interesting as this is the only address in the road to have been demolished (so not part of some major redevelopment […]

Another long lost Woolworths site… The former store number 0504/0 Kenton. This was located at 182 Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex. It was another of the 1970 original closures to raise cash for decimalisation and self service conversions. It is currently a furniture store, but I have little to no information to it’s history from 1970 […]

Another long lost Woolworths, this store was located at 43/45 Watford Way. This is close to Hendon Central station on the Northern Line. In common with it’s sister store at West Hendon, this was one of the 1970 wave of closures reluctantly bought about to finance the huge investments required for Self Service and Decimalisation. […]

This store has the unfortunate history of being amongst the very earliest Woolworths store closures in the UK. It was located at 256/258 West Hendon Broadway. It was closed in 1970 as part of the first wave of closures reluctantly sanctioned by management to fund the costs of decimalisation and the conversion to self service. […]

A selection of photos taken of the site of the former Woolworths store at 1269 Greenford Road in Sudbury Hill, Middlesex. The unit is currently an Iceland, having been occupied by it’s predecessor Bejam for many after after the Woolworths closure. I understand the store closed in 1974, and I have been unable to locate […]